Awful boss mocks an employee's ADHD and accidentally CC's her on the email: lawsuit
A stressed woman works at her laptop (Shutterstock).

An employee is alleging that two of her bosses CC'd her on an email where they made fun of her for having attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Per the New York Post, 29-year-old New Yorker Adrienne Thiery is claiming that she was fired from her job at design firm Slover and Company after her superiors learned that she had been diagnosed with ADHD.

Thiery told one of her coworkers about her ADHD this past May, and the coworker subsequently told the firm's co-founders, Rosemary Kuropat and Susan Slover.

In a series of email exchanges between the two women, Kuropat mocked Thiery for her condition and at one point said that, "THE CHICK IS HOPELESS!"

For some inexplicable reason, Thiery was CC'd on the emails.

"I was humiliated," she tells the New York Post. "They told me, ‘Now that I know you have ADHD, we’re firing you.' They were saying ‘You should have told me. I wouldn’t have hired you.'"

Kuropat tells the Post that the lawsuit is "baseless" and claims that Thiery was fired solely for poor performance.