Bill Maher ‘exposes’ how Trump can peel bananas with his feet in hilarious ’25 facts’ send up
Bill Maher lists 25 'facts' about Donald Trump on July 15, 2016. (YouTube)

As part of his "equal time" duties, Real Time host Bill Maher dove in for another round of 25 things voters might not know about Donald Trump -- but the segment took a pensive turn at one point.

"Sometimes, late at night, I worry that my obsessive self-aggrandizement and self-promotion are symptoms of inner weakness and a transparent, childish impulse that everyone can see," Maher said, speaking as Trump. "I worry they're laughing at how obvious it is that I'm an abandoned, frightened child swirling in my black emptiness. But then I tweet sh*t about my poll numbers and I feel better."

Maher also didn't pass up the chance to bring back his running joke about Trump's supposedly-simian background, as "fact" no. 9 stated that Trump "can peel a banana with my feet."

The list also put to rest Trump's "birther" arguments regarding President Barack Obama.

"I never actually believed Obama was born in Kenya," Maher explained. "Because I thought the name of the country was Kanye."

Watch the segment, as posted online, below.