'Deflated' Trump supporters howl over Pence pick: 'Worst. Season. Finale. Ever.'
Presumptive US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) greets Indiana Governor Mike Pence (L) during a campaign rally at Grant Park Event Center in Westfield, Indiana (AFP / by Michael Mathes)

Donald Trump announced that he had chosen Mike Pence as his running mate -- confirming some of his advisors' fears that he would reveal the pick on Twitter.

The choice was a bit anticlimactic, since multiple media outlets had been reporting for nearly 24 hours that the Indiana governor would get the nod, but many of Trump's fans were still disappointed that he hadn't changed his mind.

Ann Coulter has been complaining about Pence since the news first broke Thursday afternoon.

Over on Reddit, where Trump fans flood the front page with post upvoted from "The_Donald" forum, his supporters expressed anger, disappointment and vows to trust their favored candidate.

"Kind of disappointed...the left is gonna have a field day with him," posted user tackthiratrix. "The reason I don't put an R next to my name is cause of the anti-gay/women people like him. But I understand it's about Donald not the vp so I can't be too upset. Let's hope it's a hell of a press conference tomorrow!"

"Who gives a flying fuck? This election isnt about faggots. It's about shit that actually matters," posted user RedditAdminsSuck_88. "If faggotry is that important to you, you werent voting Trump anyway. There is a perfect identity politics candidate for you. her name is Hilary."

"Not going to lie, my enthusiasm is a little deflated with this pick," posted user itronaughty. "It's not the worst possible pick, but it's towards the bottom.

I hope Pence can change my mind."

"F*cking cuckservatives forced Trump to choose Pence," complained user sjwking.

Newt Gingrich had his supporters on Reddit, but the consensus favorite seemed to be retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

"The VP's power for Trump was always assassination insurance. That's definitely a canceled policy now," posted user KetoAlt762.

"It is ok to be,disappointed...BUT WE MUST TRUST HIM...THEY,DONT CALL HIM GOD EMPORER FOR NOTHING FOLKS," posted user extra_broccoli.