Verdict for final police officer in Freddie Gray case — Lt. Brian Rice is not guilty
Baltimore Lt. Brian Rice (Photo: Baltimore Police Department)

The final and highest-ranking officer involved in the arrest and ultimate death of Freddie Gray, Lt. Brian Rice, has been found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, not guilty on the second degree reckless endangerment charge and not guilty on misconduct in office.

Gray suffered a broken neck while in the back of a police van that transported him on April 12, 2015. News of Gray's death sparked protests across Baltimore, Maryland, and the nation as Black Lives Matter protesters demanded accountability.

The medical examiner in the case ruled that Gray's injuries occurred inside the police van, but no officer involved has yet to be found guilty of his death. Gray wasn’t properly secured by a seat belt during transit and he didn't receive immediate medical attention. It has left many in the Black Lives Matter movement frustrated that no justice can be found for those who have been killed at the hands of police.

The charges Rice faced included:

- Involuntary manslaughter;

- Second-degree reckless assault/reckless endangerment, and;

- Misconduct in office for failing to secure Gray with a seat belt inside a police vehicle.