Former Sandra Bland jailer admits falsifying logs -- he never checked on her just before her death
Sandra Bland (Facebook)

Major new revelations in the Sandra Bland case broke on Friday, as the lawyer for Sandra Bland's mother says that a former jailer has admitted to falsifying prison logs.

According to lawyer Cannon Lambert, a former Waller County Jail guard admitted under oath that he never checked in on Bland roughly an hour before her death, despite the fact that he'd recorded having done so in prison logs.

"The jailer told him in the deposition he noted in the jail log he observed Bland in her cell at 8:01 a.m., less than an hour before she was found strangled by a noose made from a plastic trash bag," reports The Houston Chronicle. "In fact, jailers never checked on Bland or about a dozen other inmates that hour, Lambert said."

One of The Houston Chronicle's sources also claims that even though special prosecutors were informed of the falsified logs, a grand jury nonetheless didn't indict anyone from the sheriff's office over Bland's death. Similar violations in the past have resulted in criminal indictments, the Chronicle notes.