Fox News host goes there: Black Lives Matter 'has evolved into a tribal faction'
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. [Photo: screegrab from video]

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld attempted to find "the middle ground" between colleagues Eric Bolling and Juan Williams in criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday.

"When I hear Juan speak, I don't hear Black Lives Matter. I hear the traditional civil rights voice," Gutfeld said. "I don't see Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King together in the same group. But somehow Black Lives Matter, in the world of identity politics, it has evolved into a tribal faction where they use grievances to dismantle our society. It's not about joining a community. It's about splitting it apart. That's what I see as the difference between Black Lives Matter and previous civil rights movements. Not that I'm any expert at this at all."

"But you're trying," co-host Kathleen Guilfoyle replied.

Gutfeld's remarks came after the memorial service for the five Dallas police officers killed in a shooting attack during a demonstration against police violence last week. Neither he nor his co-hosts mentioned that the suspect, Micah Xavier Johnson, did not identify himself as part of the movement, or that protest organizers condemned the attack.

Bolling and Williams butted heads over Obama's remarks at the memorial, with the former saying that the president should not have mentioned Alton Sterling -- who was shot and killed by an officer in Louisiana days before the attack -- during the service.

"Black America wants to hear this president -- our first black president -- speak to the anguish black people feel about violence by police against black people," Williams said.

"At a memorial service?" Bolling asked. "Is that the place or the time?"

"Exactly the place," Williams insisted. "If he didn't do it there he'd be a chicken."

Watch the discussion, as posted online, below.