Fox reacts to Hillary's Atlantic City speech: 'Give her a broom so she can fly away, that witch'
Antonio Sabàto, Jr. speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

The immediate reaction on Fox News to Hillary Clinton's anti-Trump speech in Atlantic City on Wednesday was to call her a "witch."

Speaking from the Atlantic City Boardwalk on Wednesday, the presumptive Democratic nominee hammered Donald Trump's record of failed businesses and bankruptcies.

But Fox News cut the broadcast before Clinton could finish, and asked former Calvin Klein model Antonio Sabàto, Jr. for a reaction.

"Just give her a broom so she can fly away, that witch," he said. "Oh, we cannot stand her and please stop talking."

"She's talking about Trump, she's talking about mistakes," Sabàto added. "What has she created? What has she done in the last -- in her entire life, she's done absolutely nothing."

"I can't stand her talk anymore and I think the American people have to wake up. Donald Trump is the only way."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Outnumbered, broadcast July 6, 2016.