GOP doctor running for Michigan statehouse charged with molesting teen and health care fraud
Dr. Vijay Kumar avoiding reporter (Screenshot/9&10 News)

A GOP candidate for state representative in Michigan is facing charges of healthcare fraud and sexually assaulting a minor in his role as a physical therapist, MLive reports.

Dr. Vijay Kumar, 49, has been arrested on charges of purposely putting false information on a patient chart, Medicaid fraud and three counts of healthcare fraud. He is also charged with criminal sexual contact with a minor between the ages of 13 and 16.

"I have done nothing wrong. I have never submitted claims for service that were not accurate and the result of treating a patient. I have never directed anyone to submit a claim that was not 100% factual and I am not aware of anyone at any of my clinics who has submitted a claim that was not accurate," Kumar said in a statement to local 9&10 News.

Kumar is free on bond.

"If they were going to come I'm glad they came at this time because of the fact the primary is coming up. I think it's best people know exactly what's going on before they have a chance to vote in August," Dwight McIntyre, chair of the Ogenaw County Republican Party, said.

Watch the report, from 9&10 News, as posted here:

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