‘I don’t know’: Miami cop admits he shot unarmed black hospital worker for no reason
Caregiver Charles Kinsey, left, just moments before being shot by police (Screen cap).

On Wednesday evening, a disturbing new video emerged showing a Miami police officer shooting an unarmed hospital worker who was lying on the ground with his hands up.

The trouble started on Monday afternoon when police responded to a call claiming that someone in the area was threatening to kill themselves.

When they arrived on the scene, they found caregiver Charles Kinsey sitting in the middle of the road along with an autistic man that he was charged with taking care of.

Two police officers drew their weapons and stood behind telephone poles several yards away from the two men. They asked the men to lie down on the ground with their hands raised in the air.

Kinsey complied with the officers, but his autistic patient did not. As Kinsey was pleading with the man to get down on the ground and raise his hands, one of the officers fired a shot that hit Kinsey in his left leg.

In an interview with NBC Miami, Kinsey's attorney Hilton Napoleon said that the officer who shot Kinsey admitted that he had no idea why he fired his weapon.

"My client asked why did you shoot me? The officer told my client, 'I don't know,' that was his words verbatim," he said. "Another officer asked, 'Why did you shoot this guy?' and the shooting officer said he didn't know why he shot him."

Kinsey was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg. Miami police say they are investigating the shooting internally.

Check out a local news report on the shooting below.