Jewish employee of Trump's son-in-law begs him to disavow Trump's neo-Nazi supporters writer Dana Schwartz (Twitter photo)

The go-to argument for Trump supporters who are questioned about the candidate's support among neo-Nazis is to say that Trump can't possibly be anti-Semitic because his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are both Jewish.

However, one of Kushner's Jewish employees isn't putting up with that excuse anymore.

In an open letter to Kushner published at, writer Dana Schwartz absolutely lays into Trump's campaign for playing footsie with white supremacists. In particular, she ripped into Trump for re-tweeting an anti-Hillary Clinton meme this week that accused her of corruption while featuring a Star of David placed over a pile of money.

"It takes only a basic knowledge of world history or an understanding of how symbols work to see a wall of cash, a Star of David, and the accusation of corruption and not see the subtext," she writes. "But deny or play dumb as you might, when I tweeted out my response, my worst fears were realized: his message, whether purposeful or inadvertent, was met with cheers by those to whom that star’s message was certainly clear. Mr. Trump’s tweet was seen as a winking promise to this nation’s worst and most hateful individuals."

As you might expect, she was viciously attacked on Twitter by Trump's "alt-right" Twitter trolls who often post hideous anti-Semitic imagery to harass Jewish journalists critical of their candidate.

She then rails against the campaign's litany of excuses for the photo, including the ridiculous notion that the six-sided star was actually a sheriff's star and not a Star of David.

"These explanations are so facile, infantile in their blatant disregard for context or logic that I can only imagine them being delivered by someone doing so while grinning and winking," she writes.

She concludes her piece by begging her boss to take a stand against the anti-Semites who have embraced Trump's campaign.

"And now, Mr. Kushner, I ask you: What are you going to do about this?" she asked. "Please do not condescend to me and pretend you don’t understand the imagery of a six-sided star when juxtaposed with money and accusations of financial dishonesty... Edmund Burke once said, in times that are starting to seem more and more similar: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Well, here I am, and here we are. Both Jewish, both members of the media. And you might choose silence, but I’ve said my piece."

Check out the whole letter at this link.