Man wrongly ID'd as Dallas shooting person of interest says cops lied to him during interrogation
Protester Mark Hughes, who was wrongly identified as a person of interest in the Dallas shooting (Screen cap via KTVT)

Whether you know it or not, police are allowed to lie to you during interrogation.

Mark Hughes, a protester in Dallas who was wrongly identified by police as a person of interest in last night's horrific shooting, has learned that the hard way.

After being released by police after willingly turning himself in, Hughes told local news station KTVT that police blatantly lied to him during their interrogation by telling him that they had direct evidence that linked him to the fatal shootings of five police officers in Dallas Thursday night.

"I just got out of an interrogation room for about 30 minutes, where police officers were lying, saying they had video of me shooting a gun, which is a lie, saying that they had witnesses saying I had shot a gun, which is a lie," Hughes said. "At the end of the day... the system was trying to get me."

When asked by the reporter if he'd received an apology from police for being wrongfully identified, Hughes replied that he hadn't. He also said that he has been getting nonstop death threats ever since the police released his photo to the public.

Check out the full video clip below.