The National Rifle Association's video announcing its endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump features multiple appearances by a man who has devoted much of the last four years trying to convince the world that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary was a hoax.

Media Matters reported Wednesday that Vince Resor -- a strident gun rights enthusiast and conspiracy buff -- is heavily featured in the video.

Resor is notorious as Sandy Hook "truther," which means that he believes the U.S. government staged a phony shooting in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012 in order to initiate a program of weapon confiscation.

He has harassed grieving families whose children were killed in the massacre, according to reports. He has also made multiple social media posts where he accuses the Connecticut families of being government-paid actors.

"What is really amazing here is not how despicable this is," he wrote in January, 2013, "but how unremarkable it is to learn that the mainstream media deceives us with propaganda to advance their cause. Disgusting."

Resor has also declared that Pres. Barack Obama is a Muslim who plans to suspend the 2016 elections in order to remain in power indefinitely.

On his personal blog, Resor said he supports racial profiling of black and Muslim Americans.

“If you wear a towel around your head, you get searched," he said. "If your crack is exposed because your pants are too low, you get searched.”

In the NRA video, Resor said, "Gun-free zones have cost us a lot of lives and it’s time to put an end to that.”

Later he warned darkly that if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will fill the Supreme Court with liberal judges.

"America won’t be America," said. "The Supreme Court can make or break the country for the next generation.”

He is the last person featured in the video, saying, "Keep your foot on the gas, Donald Trump. This is no time to let up. We’re sliding down the slippery slope and it’s time to put the hammer down and get the job done.”

Watch the NRA video, embedded below: