Oath Keepers group calls for armed struggle against 'Marxists' in bonkers reaction to Dallas shootings
Oath Keeper guarding Jesus sign in Hawkins, Texas (Screenshot/KETK)

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has issued his official response to the mass shooting of police officer in Dallas -- and he thinks the solution is to form more militias.

Via Right Wing Watch, Rhodes writes on the official Oath Keepers website that this horrible tragedy shows that the job of policing America is too big for the cops to do alone -- instead, "all patriotic Americans" need to arm themselves to defend the country against the "Marxists" who are conspiring to spark a war between police and American citizens.

"What is now needed, more than ever, is the reestablishment of the militia of the people, trained, equipped and organized in each town, to defend against what is now clearly a 'Tet Offensive' American style, as Navy SEAL veteran Matt Bracken warned," Rhodes writes. "While we work to reestablish that militia system, you must go armed at all times, and be prepared, at all times, to defend your community against these Marxist terrorists as well as their Islamist terror allies.  Remember, they are in league, and you are their common enemy and their common targets."

The Tet Offensive, for those who don't know their Vietnam War history, was an assault by the Viet Cong against South Vietnamese and American forces in 1968. Essentially, Rhodes is saying that communists are waging a guerrilla war against the "Real Americans" fighting for freedom and liberty and mom's apple pie.

The Oath Keepers have shown themselves to be scary in the past, although they've yet to form into a true nationwide powerhouse.