‘Oh, come on’: Elizabeth Warren shuts down reporter who asked if it's mean to call trump a racist
Image: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks with David Muir of ABC News at the 2016 Democratic National Convention (Screen capture)

On Wednesday, ABC News reporter David Muir asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) if calling Donald Trump a racist isn't just "calling him a name, too."

In video posted on Twitter by Media Matters researcher Brendan Karet, Muir asked, "During your speech, Donald Trump sent out a tweet calling you 'Pocahontas.'"

"I'm shocked," Warren deadpanned.

"Is that racist?" asked Muir.

"Donald Trump has proven that he is a thin-skinned racist...," Warren began.

"But is that calling him a name, too?" interrupted Muir.

"No," Warren responded. "It fits the facts. Come on. Look at what he has said about Mexicans. Look what he has said about Muslims. Look what he says over and over. As a matter of fact, you don't have to quote me on this. When he had rulings against him over Trump University...he tried to attack the judge" on the basis of his Mexican-American heritage.

Watch the video, embedded below: