Seth Myers previews Trump's GOP Cleveland coronation: 'A funeral for a relative everyone hates'
Seth Myers on NBC -- (NBC screen grab)

As Republicans have begun to accept the reality that New York developer Donald Trump is going to officially become  the face of their party , NBC's Seth Myers took a look at next week's convention in Cleveland and noted one important detail.

Republicans would rather be doing anything else other than go to Cleveland for the coronation of Trump.

Showing clips detailing how four of five of the previous GOP presidential nominees are taking a pass on attending -- with another 16 Republican senators also having something better to do -- Myers shared a greatest hits collection of Republican's dismal opinions about the nominee.

"None of them went as far in their refusal to attend the convention as Trump critic and Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse," Myers explained before sharing an actual quote from Sasse on his alternative plans, "Sen. Sasse will not be attending the convention and will instead take his kids to watch some dumpster fires across the state."

Another GOP insider described the Cleveland convention as "A funeral for a relative everyone hates."

Myers also took some potshots at Trump for previously announcing that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would appear -- which Brady later disavowed -- to now announcing that former Denver Broncos quarter back Tim Tebow would appear -- which Tebow has now disputed.

Of the substitution of Tebow for Brady, Myers said, "Trump wanted Brady, but he got Tim Tebow. He's like a guy who slept through his fantasy football draft so his buddies picked his roster. 'Oh, who's my running back? Dame Judi Dench, c'mon dudes!"

Watch the video below via NBC: