'Stop treating trans people like terrorists': TSA stops trans DNC delegate over her 'groin anomaly'
Democratic delegate Mia Satya (Facebook photo)

A transgender delegate headed to the Democratic National Convention this week was stopped by the TSA and asked to explain a "groin anomaly" detected by airport scanners.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that San Francisco-based Democratic delegate Mia Satya was stopped by TSA officials while trying to board a plane to Philadelphia at Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C.

After going through the scanner, TSA agents stopped her and informed her that they'd detected a "groin anomaly" -- which was, of course, actually her own genitalia.

Satya tells the San Francisco Examiner that the TSA agent "touched my thighs [on] both sides" and "the entirety of my panties from my balls and the front to the bottom of my d**k."

The TSA tells the publication that "when you enter the imaging portal, the TSA officer presses a button designating a gender (male/female) based on how you present yourself," and says that an alarm will go off if there's an anomaly that signals the passenger will need additional screening in a private area.

Satya doesn't want us to view her as a victim in this case, but she does wish the TSA would update its policies to make sure agents understand transgender people when they go through airport security.

"Stop treating trans people like terrorists," she told the Examiner.