Trump aide says violence in Cleveland is good for the 'law and order candidate' -- but blames Obama
Paul Manafort speaks to NBC News (screen grab)

Donald Trump's top campaign adviser admitted Monday that "lawlessness" surrounding the GOP Convention in Cleveland may be beneficial to the Republican presidential candidate, reports.

Trump's campaign events have gotten a reputation for being chaotic or even violent, and some worry that the Republican event in Cleveland may become violent with various groups protesting and heated opposition -- and support -- for Trump's controversial rhetoric.

"Manafort says protests in [Cleveland] will help Trump campaign, says that violence at previous rallies have ultimately helped Trump in polls," reports Bloomberg Politics reporter Michael C .Bender. reports that police in the city are on high alert after racially-charged violence nationwide over police killings of black men.

President Barack Obama has called on people to refrain from "inflammatory" speech after a gunman killed three police officers and wounded three more in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

“We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric, careless accusations to score political points," Obama said. "We need to temper our word and open our hearts.”

It doesn't seem as though Trump will heed this call.

“He doesn’t have to [tone it down] because the crisis is caused by the current government," Manafort told Politico. "Eventually, of course, he’ll present his solutions. But right now he’s pointing out the causes.”