Trump ghostwriter warns his supporters: 'He's the enemy' -- and he's after your money
'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter Tony Schwartz appears on 'New Day' on July 28, 2016. (CNN)

Tony Schwartz, who was the ghostwriter for Donald Trump's book The Art of The Deal, urged the Republican presidential candidate's supporters to reverse course on Thursday.

"The reason I'm with you is to be able to warn the American people that this man is not the man [his supporters] think he is," he told CNN host Chris Cuomo. "He's the enemy. He is the 1 percent. He's the one-billionth of 1 percent. He's the person who wants to get all of their money and as a consequence, leave them without the very power they don't have."

Schwartz has been publicly criticizing Trump in recent weeks, prompting the former reality TV star to demand that the writer return all of the royalties he has accrued since the book's publication in 1987.

As The New Yorker reported, Schwartz's deal with Trump has allowed him to take 50 percent of the book's royalties. But Schwartz has expressed regret for what he described as his role in contributing to Trump's popularity.

"I tried to write a book when I was 35 years old about a guy who was a small real estate developer with an instinct for promotion," he said on Thursday. "In a million years I would never imagine he would be someone who would run for president."

Watch footage from the interview, as posted by CNN, below.