A Trump-supporting Republican delegate from the state of Pennsylvania has announced that he will be carrying a loaded weapon while attending the Republican National Convention in July.

Teresa Boeckel of the York Daily Record reported Thursday that delegate Matthew Jansen announced that he intends to pack a Glock 9mm pistol while attending events associated with the Cleveland-held event.

Jansen said he has seen on the Internet that police aren't adequately prepared for the security hazards presented by hundreds of high-powered GOP leaders -- though certainly not all of them -- and the legions of protesters who are expected.

Police can't be everywhere, Janson said, so he will be armed while attending parties and events outside the main convention area "just in case."

"It's just a precaution," he said, noting that weapons of any kind are not allowed on the convention floor. The gun will remain in his hotel's safe, he said, while he attends events where firearms are banned.

Janson -- who sits on the York school board -- made headlines earlier this year when he took exception to a Christian church's sign that said, "Wishing a blessed Ramadan to our Muslim neighbors."

Jansen left an angry, ranting message for the church's pastor, then later apologized and said on Twitter, "Jesus died for hardline islamist just like he did me. I do apologize for venting to the church. I was out of line."

Listen to Jansen's unhinged message for the pastor of St. Paul's United Methodist Church, embedded below: