Right-wing radio host Alex Jones confronted Republican operative Karl Rove after learning they were taking the same flight from Dallas to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, Gawker reported.

The footage shows Jones walking up to Rove as he is talking to two other unidentified people and start asking questions despite Rove's wishes.

"You're filming this for your program, I work for Fox," Rove says.

"Are you just siphoning money to make sure Hillary [Clinton] wins?" Jones asks. "You're working for Hillary?"

"I'm working for Fox, so I'm not gonna be appearing on the Alex Jones show," Rove insists. "Once again, you're distorting the facts"

Rove then tells Jones to call the network if he wants to book an interview.

"I know you don't think the rules apply to you, Alex," he says.

"Our audience is almost as big as Fox now," Jones replies. "One of these days it'll be bigger."

Seconds later, a visibly frustrated Rove asks Jones to "wander off" and stop interrupting his conversation.

Jones turns away, then tells his cameraman that Rove "can only win the argument when it's a controlled argument."

"This guy's been against Trump the whole time," he argues. "He wants to siphon off the money like in 2008 and like he does in 2012."

Watch the encounter, as posted online on Sunday, below.