WATCH: Angry neighbor destroys Trump fan’s ‘Make the township white again’ sign with a chainsaw
Michigan man T.J. Tarrant takes a chainsaw to his neighbor's 'Make the township white again' sign (Screen cap via WWMT).

A Donald Trump supporter in Flushing, Michigan, thought it would be cute to post a racist sign on his lawn -- but his neighbors weren't so keen on it.

Local news station WWMT reports that Flushing resident T.J. Tarrant became very upset when he saw that an unnamed neighbor had erected a sign that read, "Make the township white again."

So, like any good American, he decided there was only one reasonable solution for disposing of it: With a chainsaw.

Yes, Tarrant really did take out his chainsaw and use it to hack down the offending sign.

Tarrant tells WWMT that the neighbor says he put up the sign because black people were allegedly stealing all of his Trump campaign signs. Regardless, the news station reports that other people in the neighborhood are glad to have the sign down.

The neighbor tells WWMT that he might press charges against Tarrant for trespassing on his property.

Check out a local news report on the "Make the township white again" sign below.