DL Hughley shreds GOP: If you're bragging about the 'motherf*cker on the penny--update your resume'
D.L. Hughley (YouTube)

Bill Maher hosted a special episode of "Real Time" after the Democratic National Convention, where he and his guests discussed Bill O'Reilly's astonishingly ignorant comments about slavery.

The Fox News anchor has drawn widespread criticism for suggesting that African slaves who built the White House were treated well, after Michelle Obama expressed her astonishment that she and her family lived in the presidential home built through servitude.

"I'm a conservative, and I think what Bill O'Reilly said is one of the most stupid and ignorant things I've ever heard anyone say on television," said author Charles Cooke. "The problem with slavery, among many other things, was categorical. It didn't matter whether they were all given million-dollar lodgings -- they were slaves."

Comedian D.L. Hughley said conservatives had an outdated sense of morality.

"He made it seem almost whimsical, like they were well-fed and had lodging," Hughley said. "So do motherf*ckers in prison -- they want to get out, too. Literally, if you said to a slave, you can be well-fed and have lodging or you can be free, you know which one he'd take."

"When you have to keep referring to the party of Lincoln, when your resume is (so) old you've got to go back to the motherf*cker on the penny, you need to update your resume," he added.

Maher said last week's Republican National Convention was bizarre, saying there was no attempt to gain voters' trust but instead offered only a terrifyingly bleak vision of current events.

"I've never seen a convention with less outreach to people who are on the fence," Maher said. "If I was an alien and I just saw the Republican convention, I would think America has only white people. And if I was an alien and I just saw the Democratic convention, I would think, 'Oh, it's a majority black lady country.'"

Hughley slammed Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Pat Buchanan, who each have recently suggested that black people had contributed little to human civilization.

"Black culture built the pyramids, you motherf*ckers want to build a wall," Hughley said. "There's an attempt to minimize everyone who's not like them."

Maher said politics had become so polarized that Republicans defended Donald Trump for encouraging Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email to help him win the presidential election.

"The saddest part of our country right now is that no matter what one side says, half the country hates the other half, and they just defend their team," Maher said. "What if Hillary did that? What if Hillary said, 'You know what, we've been trying to get Donald Trump to release his tax returns and he won't. Hey, Russia, if you're listening, would you hack in?'"

Hughley tried to unpack the appeal of Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

"If you're black or gay or Asian or woman or Latin, where do you go?" he said. "I can't think of a better place in history I'd rather be. America is not great to me because of what it was, it's great to me because of what it can be. We live in a country right now that put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and left Andrew Jackson on the back -- a slave on the front and a slave owner on the back -- so even when black people are on money, we still got a supervisor."

Hughley pointed out that Trump has so little support from respected members of his own party that not one former president, vice president or First Lady attended his convention.

"Right is right and wrong is wrong," Hughley said. "Ultimately, this dude couldn't beat Flavor Flav in a spelling bee -- literally, he couldn't."

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