A billionaire Trump backer is funding a massive urine stockpile -- here's why
Donald Trump toilet paper (Photo via Kickstarter)

Donald Trump's presidential campaign isn't the only massive piece of human waste that billionaire Republican sugar daddy Robert Mercer is investing in right now.

The Intercept directs our attention to Bloomberg report from earlier this year that reveals Robert Mercer -- a hedge fund manager who is also a major funder of a pro-Trump Super PAC -- has been funding the creation of a massive stockpile of human urine in Oregon.

The urine is being collected by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, a research outfit founded by Arthur Robinson, a chemist who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2010 with financial help from the Mercer family. So far, Robinson and his institute have collected and 14,000 frozen samples of human urine.

What is Robinson's interest in urine?

It seems that he believes that analyzing urine with an expensive piece of equipment called a mass spectrometer will be able to help him predict patients' future likelihood of contracting diseases, thus creating a whole new era in the realm of preventative medicine.

"He’ll use the spectrometer to decode the chemical patterns in urine, the red flags that warn of disease before it strikes," Bloomberg writes. "The human life span will stretch. It’s hard to judge the credibility of his claims; although he earned a Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego in the 1960s, he hasn’t published peer-reviewed research on diagnostic medicine in decades."

Despite the fact that Robinson hasn't produced any recent peer-reviewed research, Mercer has spent $1.4 million funding this gigantic urine storage center.

So when you ask yourself what kind of rich person would drop a significant investment into Trump's dumpster fire campaign, you now have your answer: The same kind who would spend over $1 million funding urine.