Alex Jones bounces around in a spasm of rage after Jimmy Kimmel mocks his Clinton pickle trutherism
Alex Jones (Screenshot)

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel apparently hit a nerve. On his ABC show Thursday night, Kimmel mocked conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for being a pickle jar truther.

"Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of me, how my head's in the cloud, in cloud cuckooland," Jones said on his InfoWars show Saturday.

Kimmel had jokingly asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to open a jar of pickles to prove she was physically fit enough to be president. In response, Alex Jones dedicated more than 7 minutes of his show on Tuesday to "proving" that the jar was already openned. Kimmel fired back on his own show, mocking the alleged "pickle can-spiracy."

Jones was not happy about it. "I'm not attacking Kimmel. I understand the job he's got as a jester -- a court jester for the establishment like Salacious Crumb to laugh and make fun of what I say and do. But I'm not risking my life to be famous."

"I'm risking my life to pay back debts to my ancestors and to pay for my progeny's future, and they're going to pay for their progeny's future. And that's something modern people don't know about -- but I do. And I'm very happy to pay whatever the bill is. That's called being man. They've done everything they can to eradicate this in this culture."

Jones said it was plainly obvious that there had been a globalist foreign coup in the United States and "large sections of the armed services are aware of what you're up to and no amount of false flags are going to trick the public into going along with your martial law scenarios and internet kill-switches."

He added that globalists like Clinton and Kimmel needed to be exiled to an island like Napoleon was after his defeat.

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