Andrea Mitchell pushes Ann Coulter to talk about Huma Abedin's 'personal life' after separation
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell speaks to Ann Coulter (screen grab)

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell on Monday urged controversial columnist Ann Coulter to discuss the "personal lives" of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

Just minutes after the news broke that Abedin was separating from Weiner over his latest sexting scandal, Mitchell asked Coulter for a reaction on her MSNBC program.

"Congratulations on your new book, Ann," Mitchell began. "First, we wanted to talk to you about immigration your take on where [Trump] is going with that. But obviously, the news that has just broken about Huma Abedin -- I don't know if you have a comment."

"No," Coulter stuttered, sounding taken aback by the question. "Just that I'm surprised that it took so long."

"It's hard to figure out what happens in anyone's personal lives," Mitchell opined. "But it obviously has political impact, which is why we are talking about it today."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Aug. 29, 2016.