Boston man busted with  illegal weapons stockpile considered attack on police station or mosque
Rifles (AFP Photo/Cengiz Yar, Jr.)

A suburban Boston man who was arrested over the weekend illegally stockpiled weapons in violation of a court order and had mulled attacking a police station or a mosque, according to federal prosecutors.

Forty-year-old Joseph Garguilo of Holliston, Massachusetts, is due in court on Monday to face charges of being a prohibited person in possession of ammunition after the FBI found an arsenal at his home including parts for an assault-style rifle, six ammunition magazines, Tasers and explosives.

The man told a witness cooperating with law enforcement that he had considered bombing a police station or mosque, and that he feared the United States was on the brink of descending into disorder, according to court papers filed by federal prosecutors in Boston.

The search of his home also turned up handwritten notes threatening Muslims, prosecutors said.

It was not clear if Garguilo had retained an attorney.

(Reporting by Scott Malone; Editing by Alan Crosby)