Cenk Uygur mocks Missouri Republican’s ‘painfully stupid’ ad: ‘It’s become Idiocracy’

'Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur discusses Donald Trump on March 7, 2016. (YouTube)

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur had a laugh on Wednesday at the expense of Missouri Republican Eric Greitens’ new campaign ad, but also described it as another low point in political discourse.

“This is not a positive direction for the country to go,” Uygur said. “Not just because it’s so painfully stupid that you can’t believe this guy’s actually running, [and] that our country’s devolved to this.”

As Quartz reported, Greitens — a “pro-life” Republican — marked the GOP nomination in the state governors’ race with the release of a commercial consisting almost-entirely of him firing a Gatling-style machine gun into a lake.

“It’s become Idiocracy — literally, like firing a machine gun and being like, ‘You know why you should vote for me?'” Uygur said, before imitating the ad with gunfire sound effects playing behind him.

He also pointed out that Republican campaign ads focusing on candidates’ use of firearms are not unlike the videos released by groups like Islamic State.

“We look at them and go, ‘Look at these monsters, they’re so proudly firing their weapons and they’re savages,'” Uygur said. “And then a guy running for governor will run similar ads and then we go, ‘Oh that’s our guy, that’s our maniac.'”

Watch Uygur and co-host John Iadarola discuss the ad, as aired on Wednesday, below.

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