CNN's Brian Stelter destroys Trump's 'debunked for months' lie about black youth unemployment
CNN's Brian Stetler points out the holes in Donald Trump's argument about black youth unemployment (Screen capture)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a pitch for black voters on Friday that was widely panned. One of the talking points the multiply bankrupted businessman likes to repeatedly refer to is that young black Americans have a 58 percent unemployment rate.

On Saturday, CNN's Brian Stelter -- media analyst and host of the show Reliable Sources -- tried to put that false statistic to rest by calling out the flaws in the analysis.

"The reason why he's saying that is that he's using a broader metric for all black youth, including ones that are in school -- in high school or college," said Stelter.

"He's lumping all of them in together and saying, 'Look how many black youth are unemployed,'" he continued. "That's unfair if some of them are in college and high school. He keeps using that data point, even though it's been debunked for months."

Watch the clip, embedded below: