VIDEO: Cop cruelly blasts 84-year-old black woman in the face with pepper spray -- in her own home
A police officer with pepper spray (Shutterstock)

The Muskogee police department in Oklahoma has released video of a police officer using pepper spray on an elderly woman.

Body-cam video of the incident shows an officer using chemical irritant on 84-year-old Geneva Smith last week in her house. The video was given to local news outlet FOX23 this week.

Officers were following the woman's 56-year-old son, Arthur Paul Blackmon, for running a stop sign. Blackmon led police back to his mother's house and entered, refusing police commands to stop.

An officer kicked in the door and entered the house, and shot Blackmon with an electrical stun gun while he had his hands raised.

Six other officers entered the residence, and Smith emerged from a room before being ordered to turn around. About 40 seconds later, an officer uses pepper spray on her.

An attorney representing Muskogee, Scott Wood, insisted that police did not violate policy by using the chemical irritant on the elderly woman. Wood told the Muskogee Phoenix that Smith had actively resisted officers and that the use of force was reasonable "given the totality of the circumstances."

The incident is still under internal investigation.

Family members told NewsOn6 that Smith had to go to the hospital and are demanding an apology from Muskogee police.

Watch video, courtesy of Fox23, below: