Devastating new ad shows Trump campaign's open racism makes some school kids' lives hell
Student activist protests hateful environment in schools (Screen capture)

An ad from progressive group Move On shows how around the country, nonwhite and Muslim students are getting bullied by racist whites who've been emboldened by the unvarnished racism of the Donald Trump campaign.

Titled "Our Kids," the video shows excerpts from news stories in which black, Muslim and Latino schoolchildren across the U.S. have been threatened and harassed by their white peers.

In Oregon, vandals hung a banner aimed at Latino students that said "Build a wall" -- a reference to Trump's promise to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep Latino immigrants out of the country.

At a high school basketball game in Chicago, white students chanted "Trump! Trump! Trump!" at black and Latino players and their supporters.

As the 75-second video moves from incident to incident, an ugly picture emerges of what's motivating Trump voters, no matter what the candidate and his TV surrogates say about "economic anxiety" and "outsider politics."

"Donald Trump is endangering our kids," the ad says, before cutting to footage of students describing their experiences.

"Lately, it's just been getting worse," said one student.

"Students don't feel safe," said another. "Students don't want to go to school anymore."

The ad concludes with titles that read, "Protect our kids from Trump's hate speech. Vote November 8th."

Watch the video, embedded below: