'Donald, you dumb son of a b*tch': Trump-loving radio host pens bitter screed slamming his candidate
Talk show host Bob Lonsberry (Screen cap).

Trump supporters are known for their hardcore loyalty -- but apparently some of them have their breaking point.

Talk radio host Bob Lonsberry, who earlier this year was an enthusiastic Trump endorser, has penned a scathing open letter to his candidate urging him to shape up or get out of the race in favor of someone who can actually win.

"Donald, you dumb son of a b*tch," Lonsberry begins his letter, and it only gets more comically hostile from there.

"Tens of millions of Americans invested in you, not because they gave a damn about you, but because they love their country," Lonsberry thundered. "And because you convinced them you could lead their country out of the doldrums of decay created by progressive globalists. They bought into you. A whole political party bought into you. And you crapped the bed."

But wait: He isn't even close to being finished.

"You've gotten so stupid, so decidedly self-destructive, that it doesn't seem like an accident," he continued. "It seems like you're a political suicide bomber, intent on destroying not just the Republican Party, but also the United States."

Harsh! Surely, he can't get any nastier than that, right?


"You are reminiscent of a monkey in the zoo, who stops playing with himself only long enough to throw turd balls at America," he fumed at one point.

These are some bitter, bitter tears of rage.

What does he want his former champion to do now? He says that Trump either needs to either "stop acting like the stupidest man on earth" or "Throw a clot, make up an excuse, hire somebody to write some credible words, it doesn't matter. Just find the door and walk out it."

The entire letter is worth reading and can be found here.