Ellen DeGeneres denies being racist after igniting online fury with photo of her riding Usain Bolt
Ellen DeGeneres (Screen capture)

Always one to use self-deprecating humor, daytime darling Ellen DeGeneres is in hot water after tweeting a photo of herself holding on to Olympic record-setter Usain Bolt. DeGeneres was making a joke that henceforth she'll just piggyback on Bolt to run her errands.

The photo is from the original shot of Bolt smiling while sprinting to his gold medal win in the 100m dash.

While the photo was meant to capitalize on the popularity of Bolt and the Olympics and make a comparison to Bolt being faster than a car, Twitter was not happy with DeGeneres.

The Jamaican Olympian retweeted the photo, although he did so without commentary.

Many defended DeGeneres, saying that she comes out against all forms of discrimination and bullying and couldn't possibly have meant it in an offensive way.

DeGeneres ultimately responded to the photo saying that she is far from a racist.