Georgia county meeting on proposed mosque goes off the rails as attendee rants about 'Muslim' Obama
A woman talks about Obama being a Muslim during a Newton County Commissioners meeting (Screen cap).

A commissioners meeting on a proposed mosque in Newton County, Georgia went off the rails on Monday evening as attendees questioned whether the mosque would become a hotbed for terrorism.

Local news station 11 Alive reports that angry residents charged that the mosque could serve as a meeting ground for jihadists in their county -- and one of them even tried to draw a line between the proposed mosque and President Obama.

"We have already seen bombings and beheadings," said one woman. "Eight years ago our U.S. government got a Muslim president who has put Muslims in power.”

Not all attendees were quite so strident, although some did say that they worried about whether the mosque would be a magnet for Islamic radicals.

“It’s hard for people like me, and probably most of you tonight, to draw the line between innocent Muslims and radical Muslims, since they’ve all claimed to serve the same God and they all claim to follow the same book,” said one man.

There was some dissent from the anger, however, as one Jewish woman told the audience that some of the things she was hearing from them reminded her of the way that people once talked openly about Jews in the United States.

"If this discussion was happening 100 years ago, there’s a good chance it would be happening to my people," she said. "And a hundred years or so ago, millions of people my people, including my great aunt, were sent to their deaths.”

Watch a full video report of the Newton County Commissioners office meeting below.