Green Party candidate Jill Stein is currently tied with Harambe the Gorilla in a new poll and is losing to mythical candidate "Deez Nuts."

The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that a Public Policy Polling survey of Texas voters showed Stein and Harambe winning less than two percent of registered voters, while "Deez Nuts" -- a creation of Iowa teen Brady Olson -- garnered 3 percent of voters.

Among Texas voters, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is currently polling at 44 percent and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is six points behind with 38 percent of voters planning to cast their ballot for her in November.

Stein is running as a potential liberal spoiler, hoping to draw in disaffected supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other liberals who will not vote for Clinton. However, the Washington Post reported in July that 90 percent of voters who supported Sanders in the Democratic primary are now pinning their hopes on Clinton.

The PPP poll is not one of the five surveys that will be used to determine whether Stein is allowed to participate in the major party debates in the fall. Election officials say that she must reach a threshold of 15 percent of voters to qualify for the debate stage.

Olson, creator of independent candidate "Deez Nuts" is only 16 and therefore not allowed to run for president. However, he has registered the imaginary presidential wannabe with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC).

Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in May when a toddler fell into his pen and zoo officials feared the animal would kill the child.

The Daily News said, "While there has never been a gorilla president the primate’s death would not actually preclude him from being elected, as multiple candidates who died during their campaigns went on to win their races."