‘Hurt’ Tea Party Gov. LePage vows to never talk to media again: ‘I am tired of being caught’

Tea Party Maine Gov. Paul LePage has made a name for himself by hurling insults at his opponents -- but deep down, it seems that he's a very sensitive soul.

Per Politico, LePage told reporters in Maine on Wednesday that he was deeply wounded when he heard a report that he'd been called a racist by Maine lawmaker Drew Gattine. Even though the report turned out to be false, LePage called Gattine and left a threatening voicemail last week where he called him a "c*cksucker" and a "son of a b*itch."

But really, it's LePage who is the victim here.

"I may not supposed to be that sensitive to these things, but I am," LePage confessed. "I lose sleep over this, and it’s frustrating when you hear people talk about cheap political stunts to hurt their opponent and not do the right thing. Being called a racist was a horrible thing for me. It was enormously hurtful. It hurt my family."

LePage then declared that he would never talk to the news media ever again as punishment for hurting his feelings.

“I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today,” LePage said. “And I’m serious. Everything will be put in writing. I am tired of being caught — the gotcha moments.”

In addition to calling a Maine lawmaker a "c*cksucker," LePage has also drawn fire in the past for ranting about drug dealers who come from New York to "impregnate a young, white girl"; railing against immigrants who work at restaurants because he has a hard time understanding them; calling protesters "idiots" during a speech; and writing letters where he claims that people in the southern half of Maine "ignore and welcome" corruption.

Really sounds like the kind of sensitive flower who stays awake at night crying about being called names, doesn't he?