An NBC sportscaster is being criticized for giving credit to an Olympic gold medalist's husband after her win for the 400-meter individual medley and setting a new world record Saturday.

When Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszú spoke to NBC's Dan Hicks, he remarked Hosszú's husband is "the guy responsible" for her success and it's "impossible" to tell her story without giving him credit.

According to the Associated Press, online critics were quick to point out "You did it — not your husband."

On Sunday, Hicks came short of apologizing, claiming instead he wish he had said it differently. "With live TV, there are often times you look back and wished you had said things differently," Hicks said.

He went on to say that he painted an accurate picture of the couple's relationship and the impact coach and husband Shane Tusup had on the swimmer's career. In past interviews, Hosszú has said her husband helped improve her strength training, intensity and confidence when she lost at the Olympics four years ago.

"It is impossible to tell Katinka's story accurately without giving appropriate credit to Shane, and that's what I was trying to do," Hicks attempted to explain. He continued, saying that the couple's close, yet sometimes harsh, relationship isn't a secret to the swimming community.

"It can be very, very harsh," Hicks said on Saturday. "In fact, it's been a little disturbing to some of the other swimmers who have observed it."

Hosszú has explained their relationship is tough love in the pool but "warm and fuzzy" when it's relationship time.

"But he has turned her into a tiger in the pool," Hicks said.

Women on Twitter weren't having it. Here are a few responding to Hicks: