Oklahoma woman kills 'possessed' daughter by shoving crucifix down her throat
Juanita Gomez

An Oklahoma City woman is accused of jamming a crucifix down her daughter's throat and killing her because she believed the younger woman was possessed by the devil.

Juanita Gomez was charged with first-degree murder in the brutal slaying of her 33-year-old daughter, Geneva Gomez, reported KFOR-TV.

Police were called to the mother's home Saturday afternoon to check on her well-being, and they found her daughter lying on the ground with her body positioned in the shape of a cross and a large crucifix placed on her chest.

Gomez had swollen hands and bruises on her arms that she told police were the result of her efforts to remove Satan from her daughter's body.

Court records show Juanita Gomez believed her daughter was suffering from demonic possession and shoved the crucifix and a religious medallion down her throat until blood poured from her mouth.

She then watched her daughter die and positioned her remains into a cross.

Juanita Gomez was arrested in 2003 on drug and weapons charges, but served no jail time after pleading guilty to possession of drug proceeds, and neighbors said she was quiet and kept to herself.

"She didn’t really talk to other people, she was just in her own little world," a neighbor told the TV station.

Gomez remains held without bond and was scheduled to appear Tuesday morning in court.

Watch this video report posted online by KFOR-TV: