Republican lawmaker has finally had enough of Maine Gov. Paul LePage — demands censure
Maine Gov. Paul LePage (screen grab)

Maine state senator Amy Volk has had enough of her party's governor Paul LePage after the profanity-laced tirade he left on the voicemail of a lawmaker.

LePage has a history of racist tirades and meltdowns even admitting he'd be open to resigning if the people of the state wanted him to.

Now one in his own party does. WGME is reporting Volk is recomending censure for the notorous governor.

“Up until this point, I have refrained from publicly criticizing any of the governor's behavior both out of respect for the office and a desire to preserve a working relationship with him and his staff," she said. "But this latest and the unwelcome attention it has brought to our state is a bridge too far.”

The issue began last week when LePage alleged that 90-percent of drug dealers in the state are people of color. Democratic State Representative Drew Gattine called LePage's comments "racially charged" but LePage misunderstood that to mean that Gattine called him a "racist." The governor then called to leave a voicemail that called Gattine a "son-of-a-b*tch, socialist c*cksucker" and told him to "prove I'm a racist."

Gattine spent the weekend on the cable news shows clarifying he never called the Governor a racist, and even if he did, a sitting governor leaving a voicemail like that on a lawmaker's phone isn't entirely respectable. A state newspaper has gone so far to apologize to the nation for their governor.

Volk intends to speak with lawmakers this week on the specifics of a censure. "My understanding is that it would be by a vote of the legislature that it's sort of an official reprimand entered into the record so you know some sort of displeasure with the governor's behavior,” she said.