Texas county GOP seeks to oust wacky chairman after he declares 'Trump is a child rapist'
Robert Morrow on the Infowars show (Screenshot)

The Travis County Republican Party is poised to try to remove its controversial chairman after he became a write-in presidential candidate.

Robert Morrow, who won the post in a surprise election earlier this year in Texas' fifth-largest county, has been accepted as a write-in option for November, the Texas Secretary of State's office said Thursday. That appears to put Morrow in violation of a part of the state code that prohibits county chairs of political parties from running for office.

The party has scheduled a news conference for Friday morning in Austin to "make an important announcement ... involving the future of the local GOP." Announcing the news conference, the party referred to its executive vice chairman, David Duncan, as its "acting chairman."

A party spokesman declined to comment further on the announcement, but a person close to the party said it will likely be about attempting to remove Morrow. It was not immediately clear how the process would unfold, and at least one party official cautioned that the party was still conferring over the issue.

"They don’t have the grounds to do that and anybody who says so is probably lying," Morrow said Thursday. "The case law on this is probably extremely thin." 

“If other people attempt to pull a coup like this, there will be trouble," Morrow added. "The bottom line is the Texas voters, the Republican Party, have spoken."

Morrow has gained national notoriety for his conspiracy theories involving powerful Democratic and Republican officials, accusing them of adultery, murder and pedophilia. He had promised to use his role as chairman to bring more attention to those theories.

County party leaders had previously moved to limit Morrow's powers, creating a steering committee that assumed many of the responsibilities usually handled by the chairman.

The news conference comes four days after Morrow camped out at events in Austin for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, wearing his trademark jester's hat and holding a large sign reading, "Trump is a Child Rapist." Morrow suggested Thursday that one of the reasons the party was seeking to oust him was because had "embarrassed the living fuck out of Donald Trump” in recent days.

By Patrick Svitek, The Texas Tribune