'That’s all folks! I’m out': Longtime supporter explains why she can no longer back Trump
Donald Trump (John Premble/Flickr)

Trump supporters are fiercely loyal and many observers have wondered just what it would take to get some of them to jump ship.

For New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, we now have the answer.

In a column posted this week, Peyser explained that she could "no longer justify" calling herself a Trump supporter thanks to his most recent outrages.

"That’s all folks! I’m out," she declared at the start of her piece, before going on to talk about how Trump blundered his way into a fight with the Khan family.

"Trump could have said he’s sorry for the Khans’ loss, and left it at that," she wrote. "Instead, he said the dad had 'no right' to 'viciously' criticize him, and accused the slain soldier’s mom, Ghazala Khan, of standing by silently as her husband spoke because she is Muslim. (She later said she was too distraught to speak.)"

At the conclusion of her piece, she declared that "I can no longer justify calling myself a Trumpkin" and vowed that she was "done with The Donald."

While Trump himself will likely shrug off her defection as that of a "loser" columnist at a "failing" newspaper, it's never a good sign when you're losing longtime fans with just three months to go before an election.