The internet isn't sure what Kanye West just said at #VMAs — but it's a lot like Donald Trump
Kanye West at 2015 VMA awards (Screenshot)

Donald Trump likes to have "all of the best words" but possible future presidential candidate and artist Kanye West began his introduction to his latest project waxing political and bringing up the shootings in Chicago.

He began saying that all people were brought "on the same boat" to the United States. "Well, not the same boat," presumably drawing a contrast between a slave ship and the Mayflower.

West then mentioned the 22 people shot in his hometown of Chicago last week with an unclear and mumbling commentary.

"My role models are, artists, merchants ... Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West," West continued.

The internet lit up with its own remarks, however, comparing West to Donald Trump or claiming that he was better or worse than Trump himself:

Helpful definition:

West announced his possible candidacy for president in 2020 at the Video Music Awards after winning an award uring the Aug. 2015 awards.