Perhaps for the first time in his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has corrected one of his own factual errors.

On Twitter Friday morning, Trump wrote that he didn't actually see a "top secret" video showing money being unloaded from a plane in Iran.

Why did Trump feel the need to make this correction? Likely because he kept talking about this video at a rally despite the fact that his own campaign admitted that it didn't exist just the day before.

During his rallies, Trump has repeatedly said that he watched a "top secret" video filmed in Iran that shows Iranian officials unloading $400 million in cash paid out by the U.S. government to settle a decades-long dispute over military equipment that was never delivered.

In reality, what Trump saw was stock footage of another plane that was being used by cable news to report on the Iran payment story. Despite the fact that his own campaign admitted this, Trump kept talking about it during a rally on Thursday.