Unhinged Christian terrifies Texas mosque with threat to 'cut off the heads of you motherf*ckers’
Man making a threat over the phone (Shutterstock)

Police are investigating a threat made to a local mosque in Watauga, Texas, where an unidentified man threatened to decapitate Muslims who attended it.

Local news station Fox4News reports that the Watauga Mosque received a particularly disturbing threat via a telephone message this week, when a caller made explicitly violent threats that went well beyond the kind of verbal abuse callers normally level against the mosque.

"F*ck you, f*ck Muhammad, f*ck Islam," said the caller, who identified as a "Christian" during their message. "This is America. If you don't like the way we do sh*t, get the f*ck out."

It got even worse from there.

"We'll start just cutting off the heads of all of you motherf*ckers," the caller continued. "Huh? How would you like that? Maybe we need another Christian crusade, which I think we do."

Given the graphic nature of the threat, the mosque's leaders felt it best to call both the local police and the FBI. Police in Watauga are now investigating the call, but aren't treating it as a direct threat at the moment.

Watch Fox4News's full video report of the incident below.