WATCH: Berserk death threat-spewing motorist threatens to ‘pull a Trump’ on bicyclist he cut off
Driver Ryan Lewis threatening cyclist - (YouTube screen grab)

A California motorist is making quite a show of apology after he was videotaped ranting at a bicyclist he cut off calling him a "dead man walking," before threatening to "pull a Trump" on him, reports the SF Gate.

Ryan Lewis called himself "just an old surfer, knucklehead, and I do apologize for using the words that I used," after being confronted with the videotape, and acknowledging that he was unaware that he illegally pulled into a bike-share lane.

In the video, the bicyclist can be heard telling the passing Lewis, "Don't hit me."

Confronting the cyclist, Lewis bellows, "What are you gonna do? Put it on tape? Surfer against a queer, huh? Is that what you're gonna do, tough guy? You're not so tough, are you, small guy? You're a short little guy."

As the cyclist attempts to explain the rules of the road, Lewis continues on by making threats, including telling the cyclist, he's a "dead man walking."

"You're a tiny little man, you think you're a big shot," Lewis said. "I oughta smack you so f*cking good. If there wasn't any witnesses, you know what I'd do to you? I'd pull Trump on ya."

Asked his name, Lewis replies, "My name is your worst enemy, motherf*cker. I'm your huckleberry, buddy."

With Newport Beach police reviewing the incident,  Lewis told a local reporter, "I'm very embarrassed. I 'm on the news saying, 'Hey -- I screwed up.'"

Watch the complete unedited video below uploaded to YouTube: