WATCH: German vice-chancellor gives the middle finger to neo-Nazis who called him a 'race traitor'

Germany's vice-chancellor was caught on tape doing something most of us would love to do: Giving a bunch of angry neo-Nazis the middle finger.

The Guardian reports that German vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel was accosted by neo-Nazi protesters late last week who called him a "race traitor" and a "communist."

They also called on Gabriel to honor the legacy of his father, who was a noted Nazi sympathizer.

"Your father loved his country, and what do you do? You destroy it," the neo-Nazis yelled at him.

Gabriel understandably didn't want to hear any of this, which was when he proudly extended his middle finger to the demonstrating white supremacists.

Despite giving them the finger, Gabriel extended an invitation to the protesters to have a discussion with him on the condition that they would take off the masks that were hiding their faces. Being the courageous people that they are, they firmly refused.

Check out the full video of Gabriel flipping off neo-Nazis below.