WATCH: Stephen Colbert perfectly parodies Sarah Palin’s nonsensical ‘head-trauma’ word salad

Tuesday night, CBS Late Night host Stephen Colbert sent out his condolences to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin over her accidental fall -- and resulting head injury -- while rock running.

Palin's Facebook post drew considerable attention, first for the bloody picture that accompanied it, and later for her rambling commentary that turned her trip and fall into an attack on Hillary Clinton.

After joking about GOP nominee Donald Trump, Colbert segued to Palin stating, "Speaking of fake politicians .... Sarah Palin,"  to the audience's delight.

After giving an overview of the accident, Colbert then did a dramatic reading of Palin's rambling word-salad Facebook post, before concluding, "Yup. Sound s like head trauma to me."

After hitting himself in the head with a fake rock, Colbert then addressed the former Vice Presidential nominee with a very Palinesque (by which we mean "nonsensical") rambling sing-songy wish to get better that had all the hallmarks of virtually everything that comes out of Palin's mouth -- or from her Facebook.

Watch the video below via CBS: