Watch this Scottish folk singer knock Trump down a peg with a hilariously foul-mouthed song
Image: Street performer Eric Gudmunsen performs his ode to Donald Trump (Screen capture)

A folk singing Scottish street performer in Killarney, Ireland named Eric Gudmunsen performed a song he wrote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and a group of tourists caught the serenade on video.

The lyrics to "Donald Trump (Lie Lie Lie)" are slightly not safe for work, so you might want to clear the room of impressionable minds before you sit down to enjoy lyrics like, "Well, my name is Donald Trump and I'm a huckster to the core/I'm an asshole and a shyster/But I'll never be a bore."

The song is sung to the tune of the Simon and Garfunkel hit "The Boxer," and boasts a chorus that repeats, "Lie lie lie/Bullshit!/Lie lie lie la-la-la-la-lie..."


Watch the video, embedded below: