WATCH: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog brutally mocks ‘Roger Ailes’ over sexual harassment
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog sits with Roger Ailes at the RNC (Screen cap via Hulu).

Hulu sent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to last month's Republican National Convention -- and he spent a lot of time following around a man who looked a lot like former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who at the time was under heavy fire over multiple sexual harassment allegations.

The real Ailes's career was in dire straits at the time -- he would officially be fired on the last day of the RNC -- which explains why he wasn't actually at the RNC.

That didn't stop Triumph from finding someone who looked like Ailes and making light of the real Ailes's legal woes.

"Roger Ailes, right here, will sexually harass for food!" Triumph announced as "Ailes" entered the building.

Later on, Triumph tracked down "Ailes" and told some media members who were interviewing him to "ask him for a job" because "he's starting a show called Fox & Friends With Benefits."

At the end of the convention, Triumph donned a turban and taunted GOP convention goers that they couldn't deport him for being a Muslim because he was hanging out with "Ailes."

"Assalamu alaikum!" Triumph shouted at Republicans as the confetti fell. "I'm an Arab -- you can't throw me out, I'm with Roger Ailes!"

Check out the whole clip below.