All three cable networks air Trump's town hall live while showing Clinton's rally in a tiny box
Fox News, CNN and MSNBC air a Donald Trump town hall event (screen grab)

Cable news networks CNN, MSNBC and Fox News on Tuesday showed Donald Trump's town hall event live while video of Hillary Clinton was relegated to a tiny box in the corner of the screen.

Although all three networks had promoted Clinton's rally in Tampa, Florida, Trump's town hall in Virginia Beach became the main focus of the broadcasts as soon as it began.

After about 30 minutes, Fox News became the first network to cut off Trump. But Fox News host Martha MacCallum spoke to a panel of guests about Trump's event instead of immediately airing the Clinton rally.

It took CNN several more minutes before letting viewers hear what the Democratic nominee had to say. And MSNBC continued to air Trump for over 45 minutes.

Minutes after airing a portion of Clinton's speech, Fox News switched back to Trump.

In the end, all three networks did give Clinton airtime, but favored the Trump event.