Bipolar man killed during police struggle 'just wanted help'
Shainie Lindsay of Pasadena watched her partner die (Photo: Screen capture)

Shainie Lindsay watched as Reginald Thomas, the father of her children, struggled in a fight with Pasadena police. He had called the police for help himself, but he could never have dreamed that it would end with his own death, KTLA reports.

“This is not the first run-in with him,” Lindsay said.

Thomas, whose name has not yet been released, had problems with mental illness and Lindsay admitted Thomas was a "dysfunctional" man and had multiple encounters with police in the past.

“I woke up this morning to a bad dream,” Lindsay said. “He called the police on himself. He wanted help.”

Officers say that they were responding to a call for a "domestic disturbance with a suspect at the location armed with a knife." But Thomas didn't have a knife. Instead, he was wielding a fire extinguisher.

When officers shouted instructions they say that he didn't comply and attempted to run into another person's apartment. They used a taser on him and the fight continued.

Lindsay explained to KTLA that he was "out of it" when struggling with police.

“They was wrestling with him, was kicking him in the head and beating him with the baton stick,” Lindsay said, sobbing. “Then, after that, they was doing CPR and then he was dead.”

Watch her explain the tragic story below: